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FIBERGLASS POLYMER CONCRETE - Pull Box, Junction Box, Hand Hole, Splice Box, Vaults and Transformer Pads

OldCastle Infrastructure

OldCastle Infrastructure manufactures a broad range of polymer concrete pull boxes (splice box), underground vaults, fiber to the home boxes and transformer pads. Polymer Concrete combines polyester resin with aggregate and is reinforced with fiberglass for exceptional strength and durability. These products are lighter weight than concrete only enclosures and pads. The polymer concrete pull boxes are ideal for incidental traffic applications for telecommunications, CATV, DOT, water, utilities and commercial and industrial projects.

OldCastle Infrastructure polymer concrete enclosures conform with the requirements for ANSI 77 Society of Cable Testing Engineers (ANSI 77/SCTE77-2007) and Western Underground Committee (WUC) Guideline 3.6 for "Non-Concrete Enclosures", and transformer pads conform to WUC 2.15.

OldCastle Infrastructure Pull Boxes and Vaults are:

  • Designed for Tier 8 (12,000lbs), Tier 15 (22,500lbs) and Tier 22 (33,750lbs) applications
  • Exceeds SCTE 77-2007, W.U. C. 3.6 requirements
  • Have the patented NUTN2IT® field replaceable nut
  • Lightweight compared to concrete; 3 times the compressive strength
  • Exceptional resistance to chemicals, fertilizers and sunlight
  • Made from non-metallic, non-conductive and non-flammable material
  • Not affected by freeze/thaw conditions
  • Impact and corrosion resistant
  • Cost effective

Uses include: Pull Box for Department of Transportation (DOT), Junction Box Traffic Signal Boxes, Hand holes, Splice Box, Water Meter Box, Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Boxes and underground electric utility enclosures.

OldCastle Infrastructure offers the customer a clear choice when it comes to enclosures.

Pull Box/Splice Box
Pull Box/Splice Box

Underground Vaults
Underground Vaults

FTTH Round pull boxes
FTTH Round Pull boxes

Flat Transformer Pads
Flat Transformer Pads

FTTH Round pull boxes
Cable Splice Barrel

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