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FIBERGLASS POLYMER CONCRETE - Pull Box, Junction Box, Hand Hole, Splice Box

Polymer Concrete and Fiberglass Polymer Concrete Pull Box

HIGHLINE PRODUCTS underground pull boxes (underground enclosures) are designed for use in pulling, splicing, and storing cable, as well as for access to underground electric utilities, telephone power, communications, CATV, or water lines. They are an alternative to traditional concrete service boxes. Such products have been proven for over 30 years.

HIGHLINE PRODUCTS concrete-alternative underground enclosures/ pull boxes come in two styles:

1. Hybrid &endash; CHA and CVA Series (large vaults): polymer concrete cover and supporting ring for incidental traffic bearing molded to a fiberglass body for reduced weight.
2. All polymer concrete (PHA and PTA Series).

Traditional concrete and polymer concrete both consist basically of sand, aggregate, and a bonding material. In traditional concrete, the bonding material is Portland cement and water; in polymer concrete, it is resin. Polymer Concrete combines polyester resin with aggregate and is reinforced with fiberglass for exceptional strength and durability. These products are ideal for incidental traffic applications for telecommunications, CATV, DOT, water, utilities and commercial and industrial projects.

Highline Products Pull Boxes are:

  • Designed for Tier 8 (12,000lbs), Tier 15 (22,500lbs) and Tier 22 (33,750lbs) applications
  • Exceeds SCTE 77-2013, W.U. C. 3.6 requirements
  • Have the patented NUTN2IT® field replaceable nut
  • Lightweight compared to concrete; 3 times the compressive strength
  • Exceptional resistance to chemicals, fertilizers and sunlight
  • Made from non-metallic, non-conductive and non-flammable material
  • Not affected by freeze/thaw conditions
  • Impact and corrosion resistant
  • Skid Resistant covers
  • Non-Conductive
  • Constructed of fire-retardant materials
  • Available with Hex or Penta bolts for securing cover
  • Available with several logo options- (see part number scheme)
  • Can be manufactured in decorative colors
  • Cost effective

CHA/CHG Series

Fiberglass/Polymer Concrete Splice Box, Pull Box

  • Lightweight- box is made of high quality fiberglass, ring and cover are polymer concrete
  • Designed for Tier 8 (12,000lbs), Tier 15 (22,500lbs) applications
  • Flared design provides added work space for easier conduit management compared to compare to all polymer box
  • Cost effective as customer can typically down-grade a box size thus saving money and still provide more working area than a larger sized all polymer box. For example a CHA173024 provides 20% greater working volume compared to a PHA243624 and provides a cost savings.

PHA/PHG Series

Straight Wall All Polymer Concrete Splice Box, Pull Box

  • Designed for Tier 8 (12,000lbs), Tier 15 (22,500lbs) and Tier 22 (33,750lbs) applications
  • Exceeds SCTE 77-2013, W.U. C. 3.6 requirements
  • Straight wall design for minimal excavation

PTA Series

Sloped Wall All Polymer Concrete Splice Box, Pull Box

  • Designed for Tier 8 (12,000lbs), Tier 15 (22,500lbs) applications
  • Exceeds SCTE 77-2013, W.U. C. 3.6 requirements
  • Flared design provides added work space, 35-50% more space compared to our comparable PHA series and competitors all polymer concrete straight

Industry Standards and Testing
Part Number Scheme and Options | Specifications | Installation Procedure

Click the product number to download applicable PDF drawing
Pull Box Size CHA
Tier 8 and 15
CHG (2 piece cover)
Tier 8 and 15
Tier 8, 15 and 22
PHG (2 piece cover)
Tier 8, 15 and 22
Tier 8, 15 and 22
PTG (2 piece cover)
Tier 8, 15 and 22
060604     PHA060604      
060806     PHA060806      
101512 CHA101512          
101518 CHA101518       PTA101518  
111812 CHA111812   PHA111812*      
111818 CHA111818   PHA111818      
121212 CHA121212   PHA121212*      
121218 CHA121218          
121224 CHA121224       PTA121224  
132412 CHA132412   PHA132412*      
132415 CHA132415          
132418 CHA132418   PHA132418*   PTA132418  
132424 CHA132424   PHA132424      
173012 CHA173012 CHG173012 PHA173012* PHG173012* PTA173012 PTG173012
173018 CHA173018 CHG173018 PHA173018* PHG173018 PTA173018 PTG173018
173024 CHA173024 CHG173024 PHA173024 PHG173024*    
173030 CHA173030 CHG173030 PHA173030 PHG173030*    
242412     PHA242412*      
242424     PHA242424*      
243612   CHG243612 PHA243612* PHG243612*    
243618 CHA243618 CHG243618 PHA243618* PHG243618*    
243624 CHA243624 CHG243624 PHA243624 PHG243624*    
243630 CHA243630 CHG243630 PHA243630* PHG243630*    
243636 CHA243636 CHG243636 PHA243636* PHG243636*    
304812     PHA304812* PHG304812*    
304818 CHA304818 CHG304818 PHA304818* PHG304818*    
304824 CHA304824 CHG304824 PHA304824* PHG304824    
304830 CHA304830 CHG304830 PHA304830* PHG304830*    
304836 CHA304836 CHG304836 PHA304836* PHG304836* PTA304836  
363612     PHA363612* PHG363612*    
363636     PHA363636* PHG363636*    

*Units are stackable—taller units need to go on the bottom.
For larger sizes please look at our Underground Vaults.

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